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Clarke, Wendy Mitman. “Island Girl.” Chesapeake Bay Magazine, 41 (August 2011): 32- 35.
Category: Maritime | Women

Clarke, Wendy Mitman. “Shaken and Stirred.” Chesapeake Bay Magazine, 43 (October 2013): 42-47, 66-68.
Category: Maritime

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Category: Maritime | Military

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Category: Maritime

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Category: Maritime

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Category: Maritime | Military

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Category: Maritime | Military

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Category: Maritime | Military

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Category: Maritime

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Category: Maritime

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Category: Maritime

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Cole, Merle T. The Patuxent “Ghost Fleet,” 1927-1941. revised edition. Solomons, MD: Calvert Marine Museum, 2009.
Category: Maritime

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Category: Maritime

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Category: Maritime

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