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Annotations / Notes: This work supplies not only descriptive cataloging for 209 seventeenth century Maryland books and maps, but also provides insights into the collecting habits of the founder of the Evergreen Collection. Reproductions of title pages are included.

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Annotations / Notes: Much of the contact information is outdated, but it is still the best quick tool for determining who collects what in the Baltimore area.

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Baltimore Museum of Art. :Annual I The Museum: Its First Half Century. Baltimore: The Baltimore Museum of Art, 1966.
Annotations / Notes: A history of the first fifty years of the BMA, from its start as a City-Wide Congress Committee on Founding an Art Museum (1911), to its temporary home in Mount Vernon, to the construction of its permanent home in Wyman Park. A major thesis is that a very modern thinking museum became a great success in a city known for being conservative. Nicely illustrated with works from the collection and photographs of museum activities.

Bandel, Betty. "Provisions for the Federal Hill Feast." Maryland Historical Magazine 87 (Winter 1992): 414.