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Brown, Roy. "The Polish Mountain Stone Circle, Allegany County, Maryland." Maryland Archeology, 25 (September 1989): 29-32.

Browne, Gary L. "Urban Centers of the Past." Maryland Heritage News 2 (Fall 1984): 6-7.
Annotations / Notes: A variety of factors effect the rise and fall of urban centers -- transportation, market, environmental, and political changes, as well as the rise of other centers. Browne presents a brief discussion of the fate of approximately ten urban centers.

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Carter, Cora Rice. “Cora’s Story: Growing Up on Fire Clay Mountain.” Journal of the Alleghenies, 40 (2004): 73-101.
Category: Women | Allegany County

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County Commissioners of Allegany County. List of Persons, Co-partnerships, and Corporations Assessed in the County Tax Ordered by the County Commissioners of Allegany Co., Maryland, for the Year 1872. Compact Disk. Westminster, MD: Heritage Books, 2006.

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Dean, David M. "Meshach Browning: Bear Hunter of Allegany County, 1781-1859." Maryland Historical Magazine 91 (Spring 1996): 73-83.
Annotations / Notes: Meshach Browning was the author of an autobiography, Forty-Four Years of the Life of a Hunter, that might more properly be seen as a tall tale wrapped around the framework of an actual life. Browning (1751-1859) inhabited the frontier in the westernmost part of Maryland that later became Garrett County. He claimed to have killed 400 bears in his career. For those attracted to the stories of Davy Crockett or Paul Bunyon, Meshach Browning's life offers entertaining reading.

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