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Cox, Lynn, and Zinkham, Helena. "Picture Research at the Maryland Historical Society: A Guide to the Sources." Maryland Historical Magazine 76 (Spring 1981): 1-21.
Annotations / Notes: Although the collection descriptions are out-dated, this work still serves as a good introduction for newcomers to picture research. It provides a good overview of the wide range of sources which can be used to locate visual resources in a museum and library setting and provides eight basic questions to consider when preparing for a picture research trip.

Cox, Richard J. "A New Source for Robert Bensley, English Actor: A Research Note." Theatre Survey 18 (May 1977): 99-101.
Annotations / Notes: Bensley was a brother-in-law of James Cheston of Maryland; based upon documents from Cheston/Galloway Papers, MS. 1994, at the Maryland Historical Society.

Creshkoff, Maggie. “The Beauty that is Earth.” Studio Potter, 34 (June 2006): 14-15.

Crews, Ed. "Artist Aboard." Americana, 18 (July-August 1990): 24-28.
Annotations / Notes: artist John Barber

Currie, Donya. “Vision Quest: Rebecca Hoffberger and the Birth of AVAM.” Maryland Life, 8 (June 2012): 42-47.

Curtis, Jennifer Keats. “Hoppin’ Busy.” Maryland Life, 7 (March/April 2011): 90-91.
Annotations / Notes: illustrator Lisa McCue

Curtis, Jennifer Keats. “Purls of Wisdom.” Maryland Life, 4 (January/February 2008): 80-81.

Curtis, Jennifer Keats. “The Art of Marriage.” Maryland Life, 4 (March/April 2008): 34- 36.

Curtis, Jennifer Keats. “Vessels for the Voyage.” Maryland Life, 2 (March/April 2006): 116-18.

Curtis, Jennifer Keats. “ “Forged in Steel.” Maryland Life, 2 (May/June 2006): 114-16.

Danois, Ericka Blount. “Worth a Bundle.” Baltimore, 101 (October 2008):102-5.

Davis, A. Vernon. "Screen Painters: Baltimore's 'Unpretentious' Artists." Cracker Barrel, 18 (July 1988): 16-17.

Davison, Elizabeth A. The Furniture of John Shearer, 1790-1820. Lanham, MD: AltaMira Press, 2011.

De Gast, Robert. Unreal Estate: The Eastern Shore. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1993.
Annotations / Notes: Photo study of a variety of abandoned buildings -- agricultural structures and homes.

DeBaca, Michael Alvar. “Memory Work: Anne Truitt and Sculpture in the 1960s.” Ph.D. diss., Harvard University, 2009.

DeGroot, Gabrielle. "Passionate about their Craft." Maryland, 28 (March 1996): 12-17.

Dehler, Katherine B. "Mt. Vernon Place at the Turn of the Century: A Vignette of the Garrett Family." Maryland Historical Magazine 69 (Fall 1974): 279-92.
Annotations / Notes: The Garretts, Baltimore's grandest family, had a profound influence on the growth of culture and education in Baltimore. They also had a profound influence on their own neighborhood. Stanford White and Tiffany worked on their Mount Vernon Place home.

Dempsey, Patricia. "'I live on faith. Like a bird in the marsh'." Annapolis Quarterly (Spring 1996): 24-28.

Denker, Ellen Paul. “A Gracious Way of Life.” Antiques, 172 (July 2007): 100-7.

Denny, Carol. “Let There Be Light.” Chesapeake Life, 14 (August 2008): 43-45.