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Cooper, Dick. “On Deck with the Captain of the Rosie Parks.” Chesapeake Log, (Winter 2012): 15-17.
Category: Maritime

Cooper, Dick. “Skipjack Rosie Parks is Coming to Life.” Chesapeake Log, (Fall 2011): 21-22.
Category: Maritime

Cooper, Dick. “The Birthplace of Rosie Parks.” Chesapeake Log, (Fall 2011): 19-21.
Category: Maritime

Cooper, Dick. “Voices from the Past: Stories from Bronza Parks’ Boatyard.” Chesapeake Log, (Winter/Spring 2013): 18-21.

Cooper, Edward S. “Traitors in the Navy and Revenue Cutter Service during Secession.” North and South, 14 (September 2012): 12-19.
Annotations / Notes: Raphael Semmes

Cooper, Kenneth J. “Shipping In.” Diverse Issues in Higher Education, 26 (September 3, 2009): 16-17.
Category: Maritime

Cooper, Sherod. "The Liberty Ship John Brown." News and Notes from the Prince George's County Historical Society, 38 (August/ September 1990): 46-47.
Category: Maritime

Cooper, Sherod. "The Liberty Ship John Brown." News and Notes from the Prince George's County Historical Society, 38 (August/September 1990): 46-47.
Category: Maritime

Cooper, Sherod. Liberty Ship: The Voyages of the 'John W. Brown', 1942-1946. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 1997.
Category: Maritime

Cooper, Sherod. S.S. John W. Brown: Baltimore's Living Liberty. [Baltimore]: Project Liberty Ship, 1991.
Category: Maritime

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de Gast, Robert. Five Fair Rivers. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1995.
Category: Maritime

De Gast, Robert. The Lighthouses of the Chesapeake. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1973.
Category: Maritime

De Gast, Robert. The Oyster Men of the Chesapeake. Camden, ME: International Marine Publishing Company, 1970.
Annotations / Notes: One cannot separate the Chesapeake oyster as a natural resource from the men and vessels which harvested them. Bob De Gast's book is a compelling visual story with accurate, if spare, text.