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Cale, Clyde C. "Era of Pack-Horse Transportation." Glades Star 7 (September 1994): 437-41.

Calhoun, David Hovey. The American Civil Engineer. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1960.
Annotations / Notes: Discusses Benjamin Henry Latrobe as engineer and other early civil engineers in Maryland whose work on the state's turnpikes, canals, and railroads laid the foundation for the civil engineering profession in America.

Cameron, Mark. "Monuments of Urbanity: The Development of Baltimore's Residential Squares." Maryland Humanities (Winter 1998): 5.

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Carmer, Carl. The Susquehanna. New York: Rinehart, 1955.
Annotations / Notes: One of the prestigious "Rivers of America" series, and for Marylanders a book-end volume to Frederick Gutheim's The Potomac. This is popular history at its best: powerfully-written, anecdotal--and what anecdotes! The story of Thomas Cresap is alone worth checking the book out of the library. Covers the downriver ark traffic and the attempts of steamboats to conquer the rocky and unruly Susquehanna.

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Chapelle, Howard I. The Baltimore Clipper. Hatboro, PA: Tradition Press, 1965.
Annotations / Notes: First published in 1930, this is a classic treatment, with drawings and illustrations, of a famous ship developed on the Chesapeake Bay. The author, one of America's most distinguished naval historians, lived for many years on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Chappell, Helen. "Bridging the Bay." Chesapeake Bay Magazine 24 (June 1994): 44-49.