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Category: Women

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Carey, Stefanie. “Pauline Williams Bennett: A Spirit Tamed But Not Broken.” The Record, 101 (May 2007): 3-5.

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Carr, Lois Green, and Lorena S. Walsh. "The Planter's Wife: The Experience of White Women in Seventeenth Century Maryland." William and Mary Quarterly, 3rd series 34 (October 1977): 542-71.
Annotations / Notes: Most women coming to Maryland in the seventeenth century were indentured servants between ages eighteen and twenty-five. Hard work in the tobacco fields, late marriage, and early death awaited them. However, for the woman who survived seasoning and their period of service, the sexual imbalance let them choose her husband and seize the opportunity to become a planter's wife. She risked childbirth, bore three to four children, and hoped one or two lived to adulthood. Widows remarried quickly, and complex families were the norm.

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Category: African American | Women

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Category: Women | Allegany County

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Category: Women

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Category: Women | Other

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Category: Women

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Category: Women

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