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Dixon, Mike. “Colder than Cold.” Maryland Life, 3 (March/April 2007): 44-45.
Category: Environment

Dixon, Mike. “The Ice Is a-Runnin’!” Chespeake Life, 14 (February 2008): 74-79, 90-91.
Category: Environment

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Category: Environment

Dorbin, Ann E. Saving the Bay: People Working for the Future of the Chesapeake. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001.

Dorsey, Walter. "'It's Our River'." SlackWater, 4 (Spring 2004): 107-13.
Category: Environment

Dowell, Susan Stiles. "Brookside Gardens: A Slice of Serenity." Maryland 22 (Summer 1990): 6-13.

Dowell, Susan Stiles. "Ladew Topiary Gardens." Maryland 20 (Spring 1988): 26-31.

Dowell, Susan Stiles. "The Harvey Ladew Manor House & Gardens." Maryland Magazine 17 (Summer 1985): 42-45.
Annotations / Notes: A history of Harvey Ladew and his house and garden, now open to the public. The topiary garden is considered one of the nation's finest.

Dowell, Susan Stiles. "The Water Gardens of Lilypons." Maryland 22 (Autumn 1989): 16-21.

Dowell, Susan Stiles. "William Paca Garden." Maryland 24 (Summer 1992): 24-31.

Duffy, Jim. “Great Blues.” Chesapeake Bay Magazine, 32 (March 2003): 60-63, 98-100.
Category: Environment

Duffy, Jim. “Keepers of the Faith.” Chesapeake Bay Magazine, 36 (July 2006): 50-53, 99-101.
Category: Environment

Dunning, Charles Mark. "Regulating Chesapeake Bay: An Inquiry into the Use of Federal Regulation to Control the Private Use of a Publicly Owned Natural Resource." Ph.D. diss., Washington University, 1984.

Durham, Paul. “Tableland Bruins.” Glades Star, 11 (December 2010): 739-42.
Category: Environment

Earle, Swepson. Southern Maryland: Its History, Traditions, Architecture, and Waters. Baltimore: Union Trust Co., [1930].

Earle, Swepson. The Eastern Shore of Maryland: Its History, Traditions, Architecture, and Waters. Baltimore: Union Trust Co., [1930].

Eble, Albert F., Victor S. Kennedy, and Roger E.I. Newell, eds. The Eastern Oyster: Crassostrea virginica. College Park, MD: Maryland Sea Grant College, 1996.
Annotations / Notes: A comprehensive update on oyster biology, and an impressive work.

Ebrahimian, Shirley G. “Keep Your Eye on the Birdie!” Maryland Life, 2 (March/April 2006): 62-65.
Category: Environment

Edelson, Sara. “Pick of the Season.” Chesapeake Life, 14 (October 2008): 62-69.
Category: Environment

Edelson, Sara. “Seeking Refuge.” Chesapeake Life, (April 2007): 114-21, 178.
Category: Environment