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Hildebrand, David K. "Musical Life in and Around Annapolis, Maryland, (1649-1776)." Ph.D. diss., Catholic University of America, 1992.
Annotations / Notes: A thorough description of musical practice organized by place - theatre, tavern church, at home, military settings, and slave quarters, and also by activity - such as teaching, dancing, and club life. Several important local manuscripts are described, as is the general repertory. This multi-disciplinary study includes biographical index, and recent advances in social history are incorporated.

Hildebrand, David K. “‘The Star-Spangled Banner’: Even Better Than the Old Drinking Song.” MdHS News, (Winter 2011): 22-24.
Category: Music and Theater

Hill, Errol G. and James V. Hatch. A History of African American Theatre. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2003.

Himes, Geoffrey. “Rocket Man.” Baltimore, 100 (February 2007): 118-19.
Category: Music and Theater

Himes, Geoffrey. “House of Blues.” Baltimore, 100 (May 2007): 116-19.
Category: Music and Theater

Himes, Geoffrey. “Keeping Cab’s Jive Alive.” Baltimore, 101 (July 2008): 94-96.

Himes, Geoffrey. “Little Black Boxes.” Baltimore, 105 (February 2012): 98-101.
Category: Music and Theater

Himes, Geoffrey. “Reel Music.” Baltimore, 98 (March 2005): 76-83.
Category: Music and Theater

Himes, Geoffrey. “The Companies We Keep.” Baltimore, 104 (January 2011): 82-85.
Category: Music and Theater

Himes, Geoffrey. “To Ethan—From Lafayette, Carl, and Coltrane.” Baltimore, 103 (June 2010): 96-99.
Category: Music and Theater

Hodes, Michael C. "An Unscripted Life." Maryland 28 (November/December 1996): 26-29.
Category: Music and Theater

Hodes, Michael C. "From Towson to Broadway." Maryland 28 (March 1996): 18-23.

Hoffman, Hiram Alan. "Jewish Music Then and Now." Generations 5 (April 1985): 35-40.

Hoffman, Kiram Alan. "Jewish Music Then and Now." Generations, 5 (APril 1985): 35-40.

Hollifield, William. “The History of Motion Picture Exhibition in Towson.” History Trails of Baltimore County, 38/39 (Spring 2007): 1-16.

Hooper, Anne B. Braddock Heights: A Glimpse Backward. Published by the author, 1974.
Annotations / Notes: Braddock's history during its years as a major resort. Included are local legends and recipes. The second half of the book is a walking tour.

Howard, James H. "The Nanticoke-Delaware Skeleton Dance." American Indian Quarterly 2 (Spring 1975): 1-13.

Huber, Christine Jones. “Playing Shakespeare in the Colonies: Charles Willson Peale, Miss Hallam, and the Paradox of the Actress.” Ph.D. diss., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2002.
Category: Music and Theater

Hunter, Wilbur H., Jr., "The Tribulations of A Museum Director in the 1820s." Maryland Historical Magazine 49 (Spring 1954): 214-222.
Annotations / Notes: Rubens Peale is considered to be the first professional museum director in the country. For two years 1822-1824, and off site for an additional seven years, he administered the Peale Museum in Baltimore. This discussion, mostly of the years in Baltimore, generally unsuccessful, is based on a series of letters between Rubens and his brother Franklin.

Huso, Deborah. “Healing Through the Arts.” Maryland Life, 6 (January/February 2010): 18, 21.
Category: Music and Theater