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Charney, Mark. “Romeos of the Road.” Chesapeake Life, 14 (November 2008): 76-79, 92-93.

Chavanne, Bettina H. “Stowaways: The Strange Things Restorers Find in Old Aircraft.” Air & Space Smithsonian, 23 (no. 1, 2008): 28-31.

Chesser, Helen Brown. "St. George Island Memories." Chronicles of St. Mary's 40 (Spring 1992): 98-104.
Annotations / Notes: The memories of a woman who grew up on the Island during the early decades of the twentieth century.

Chevalier, Michel. Histoire et description des voies de communication aux tats Unis et des travaux d'art qui en dpendent [History and Description of the Channels of Communication of the United States...]. Paris: 1841.
Annotations / Notes: A good deal of important early information on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad is contained in two volumes, one of text and the other of maps and illustrations, by the French economist and advocate of industrial development as the key to social progress. Other railroads and canals are also given extensive treatment.

Chisman, Forrest P., and Renee S. Woodworth. "The Mattapex Post Office." Isle of Kent Quarterly (Winter/Spring 2000): 3-5.

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Clark, Ella E., and Thomas F. Hahn, eds. Life on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, 1859. Shepherdstown, WV: American Canal & Transportation Center, 1975.
Annotations / Notes: "I was drifting," begins this 1859 tale of a round trip between Cumberland and Washington, D. C. on the canal written by an anonymous, unemployed New Englander. A rare, pre-Civil War account of a vanished way of life on the canal illustrated with later photographs.

Clark, Joseph S., Jr. "The Railroad Struggle for Pittsburgh. Forty-Three Years of Philadelphia-Baltimore Rivalry, 1838-1871." Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 48 (1924): 1-37.

Clark, Joseph S., Jr. "The Railroad Struggle for Pittsburgh: Forty-three Years of Philadelphia-Baltimore Rivalry, 1838-1871." Pennsylvania Magazine, 48 (no. 1, 1924): 1-37.

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Colburn, Zerah. Locomotive Engineering, and the Mechanism of Railways: a Treatise on the Principles and Construction of the Locomotive Engine, Railway Carriages, and Railway Plant. London: Glasgow, W. Collins, sons, and company, 1871.
Annotations / Notes: No-one wrote better about the steam locomotive than Colburn, who was also a founder and editor of American engineering journals. This last of his great works was published a year after his suicide.

Colburn, Zerah. The Locomotive Engine: Including a Description of its Structure, Rules for Estimating its Capabilities, and Practical Observations on its Construction and Management. Philadelphia: Henry Carey Baird, 1854. [Railroad historian John H. White, Jr. describes the author as "a leading authority on locomotive engineering and one of the most gifted technical writers of the nineteenth century," and his book as "a small but valuable manual." It includes material on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and its greatest early locomotive builder, Ross Winans.

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