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Jacobson, Bob. "Scene: Baltimore, Maryland." Down Beat-Jazz, Blues & Beyond 67 (no. 11, November 2000): 21.

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Jones, James Nathan. "Alfred Jack Thomas (1884-1962) Musician, Composer, Educator." M.A. thesis, Morgan State University, 1978.
Annotations / Notes: Through Army records, the pages of the Afro American, and interviews with musicians who worked and studied with Alfred Jack Thomas, Jones brings to life the world of the classically trained African-American musician during segregation. One of the first Black bandmasters in the U.S. Army, composer, and conductor (the first Black conductor to lead the all-white Baltimore Symphony Orchestra) A. Jack Thomas was a major force in Maryland's African-American musical community from World War I until his retirement in 1955. Thomas, an outstanding athlete who attended college on a boxing scholarship, rode with the 10^th U.S. Cavalry in the American West and served under General John J. Pershing during his campaign to put down the revolutionary forces under Pancho Villa. In 1921 Thomas fought to establish the first Black municipal band in Baltimore and became its conductor. He chaired the Music Department at Morgan College and was a member of the faculty of Howard University.

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Category: Music and Theater

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Category: Music and Theater

Katz-Stone, Adam. " 'Green' Pastures." Annapolis Quarterly (Fall 1996): 86-88.
Category: Music and Theater

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Keefer, Lubov. Baltimore's Music: The Haven of the American Composer. Baltimore: J. H. Furst Co., 1962.
Annotations / Notes: As eccentric as its author, the incomparable Lubov Breit Keefer, Baltimore's Music is a dizzying stream of consciousness that rushed from Colonial Maryland headlong into the 'sixties. Keefer covers everything from church music to tin pan alley, packing in histories of all of the city's major musical organizations, amateur and professional, along with glimpses of composers, performers and musical trends. It helps to remember that no on else had the nerve to take on this topic. Keefer did, publishing it herself, without the benefit of an editor, and this is all we have to date.

Keiger, Dale. “The Maestra Tunes Up.” Johns Hopkins Magazine, 59 (September 2007): 28-33.
Category: Music and Theater

Keiger, Dale. "The Gospel According to Manuel." Johns Hopkins Magazine, 53 (September 2001): 26-32.
Category: Music and Theater

Keiger, Dale. “‘Mom! It’s Ballet!’.” Johns Hopkins Magazine, 63 (Summer 2011): 34- 41.
Category: Music and Theater

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Category: Music and Theater

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Category: Music and Theater