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Argersinger, Jo Ann Eady. "Baltimore: The Depression Years." Ph.D. diss., George Washington University, 1980.

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Arnold, Joseph L. "Suburban Growth and Municipal Annexation in Baltimore, 1745-1918." Maryland Historical Magazine 73 (June 1978): 109-28.
Annotations / Notes: The battles between Baltimore City and Baltimore County over the suburban territory spanning a century and a half. This fight was for a larger tax base and the promise of better services providing an important historical perspective on current city-suburban problems.

Arnold, Joseph L. "The Neighborhood and City Hall: The Origins of Neighborhood Associations in Baltimore, 1880-1911." Journal of Urban History 6 (November 1979): 3-30.

Arnold, Joseph L. The New Deal in the Suburbs: A History of the Greenbelt Town Program, 1935-1954. Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 1971.
Annotations / Notes: Considering the variety of Maryland's various planned communities - Columbia, Bowie, Greenbelt and Roland Park - it is important to appreciate how each was distinctive. At its conception, Greenbelt, along with several other communities planned and built by Rexford Guy Tugwell's Resettlement Administration, represented the social experimentation associated with New Deal. According to the author: "the greenbelt towns were built to demonstrate that urban expansion by the construction of complete new towns would provide superior safety, convenience, beauty, and a deep sense of community spirit - all at a new low cost. These new suburban towns would therefore provide a superior environment for families heretofore condemned to live in urban slums. New towns would stop urban decay and end economic segregation of the suburbs." (p. xii) What was radical was the comprehensive scope of the enterprise, the creation of co-operative businesses to serve the community, and the fact that the federal government maintained ownership. This study ends with the implementation of Public Law 65 (1949) which transferred ownership of most of the houses to a private co-operative.

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