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Ellis, Carolyn. Fisher Folk: Two Communities on the Chesapeake Bay. Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky, 1986.
Annotations / Notes: A sociological case study of two traditional water-economy Chesapeake Bay communities, one in tidewater Virginia and the other on the islands of Maryland, both assigned pseudonyms in social science convention. Ellis contends that these isolated settlements retain distinctive elements of traditional culture, even as they increasingly are drawn into contact with and impacted by outside forces. Based on extensive field research conducted in the 1970s and early 1980s, this study examines family and kin, work, social organization, the role of religion, and mechanisms of social control. Ellis concludes with consideration of the prospects for the future in terms of preservation or change for traditional Chesapeake area communities.

Ely, Kathy H. “Men at Work.” Chesapeake Life, (November 2006): 122-29.
Category: Maritime

Farr, Tony. "Coast Guard & The Lighthouses." Heartland of Del-Mar-Va, 13 (Harvest 1991): 35-36.
Category: Maritime

Fee, Elizabeth, Linda Shopes and Linda Zeidman, eds. The Baltimore Book: New Views of Local History. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press, 1991.
Annotations / Notes: Eleven essays documenting the working class history of Baltimore, stretching across many of Baltimore's neighborhoods -- from Federal Hill to Hampden, Edmondson Village to Dundalk. This work grew out of a "People's History Tour of Baltimore". Each chapter includes a map of relevant sites. There are fifteen interviews. It is well illustrated and includes an excellent bibliography.

Feldman, Clayton A. "A Study of Mid-late Eighteenth Century American Small Vessel Framing Practices." Nautical Research Journal 33 (1988): 150-157.

Ferguson, Eugene S. "The Figure-Head of the United States Frigate Constellation." American Neptune, 7 (October 1947): 255-60.

Ferguson, Eugene S. Truxtun of the Constellation. paperback edition. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2000.

Fetrow, Fred M. "Proud Ship-Proud Name." Anne Arundel County History Notes, 23 (October 1991): 17-18.
Category: Maritime

Fisher, David L. "A First for Baltimore: The S. S. Maverick." Maryland Historical Magazine, 85 (Fall 1990): 288-95.
Category: Maritime | Baltimore City

Fleckenstein, Henry A., Jr. Decoys of the Mid-Atlantic Region. Eton, Pa.: Schiffer Publishing Co., 1979.
Category: Maritime

Fleming, B.E. “Annapolis Autumn: A Year at the U.S. Naval Academy.” Sewanee Review, 113 (Fall 2005): 581-97.
Category: Education | Maritime | Military

Fleming, Thomas. "School for Sailors." American Heritage, 41 (April 1990): 90-99.
Category: Education | Maritime

Flexner, James Thomas. Steamboats Come True. Boston: Little, Brown, 1978.
Annotations / Notes: Did James Rumsey really invent the steamboat with his famous voyage in the Potomac River off Shepherdstown, Virginia on December 3, 1787? No. This somewhat disorganized but invigorating rendition of the race to be the steamboat's inventor sets things straight.

Flynn, Tom. “Return Voyage.” Maryland Life, 2 (March/April 2006): 72-76, 78, 80, 82, 84, 86.
Category: Maritime

Foley, A. M. Having My Say: Conversations with Chesapeake Bay Waterman Wylie “Gator” Abbott. Elliott Island, MD: Dogwood Ridge Books, 2006.

Footner, Geoffrey M. "'Enterprise'...A Hallowed Name." Weather Gauge, 30 (Fall 1994): 24-28.
Category: Maritime

Footner, Geoffrey M. "Boatbuilding at Solomons: 'Davis of Solomons' - Part III: In Their Wake." Bugeye Times, 11 (Winter 1986/1987): 1, 6-7.
Category: Maritime | Calvert County

Footner, Geoffrey M. "Boatbuilding at Solomons: Isaac Davis and the Bugeye 'Clyde.'" Bugeye Times, 12 (Summer 1987): 1, 6-7.
Category: Maritime | Calvert County

Footner, Geoffrey M. "Boatbuilding at Solomons: 'Davis of Solomons,' Part I." Bugeye Times, 10 (Winter 1985/1986): 1-4.
Category: Maritime | Calvert County

Footner, Geoffrey M. "The Pungy Boat in Talbot County." Weather Gauge, 25 (Spring 1989): 5-9.