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Keiger, Dale. “Meet Betty Dylan.” Johns Hopkins Magazine, 58 (November 2006): 40-45.
Category: Music and Theater

Kelbaugh, Jack, and Fred Fetrow. "Murder, Music, and Meteorology: When the Russians Came to the County." Anne Arundel County History Notes 29 (October 1997): 1-2.

Kelbaugh, Jack. "The Star: Anne Arundel's Only Black Movie Theater." Anne Arundel County History Notes 31 (October 1999): 3-4, 9.

Kelly, David. “Dashiell Hammett, the Mystery Novel, and the Birth of Film Noir.” Sydney Studies in English, 34 (2008): 109-40.
Category: Music and Theater

Kessler, Eddie M. “Tivoli Memories.” Maryland Life, 3 (January/February 2007): 134.

Kim, Younghoon. “Rogue Cops’ Politics of Equality in ‘The Wire’.” Journal of American Studies, 47 (February 2013): 189-211.

Kimpel, Dan. “Song Biz: Songwriter Profile-Frank Stallone: Interpreting the Classic Songwriters.” Music Connection, 27 (August 18-31, 2003): 22.
Category: Music and Theater

Kinder, Marsha. “Re-Wiring Baltimore: The Emotive Power of Systemics, Seriality, and the City.” Film Quarterly, 62 (Winter 2008/2009): 50-57.
Category: Music and Theater

Klein, Jennifer. “Comment: ‘Why Down in the Hole’.” Labor: Studies in Working Class History of the Americas, 10 (Spring 2013): 35-45.
Category: Music and Theater

Kochakian, D. . “As Baltimore Goes, So Goes the Nation: Robert Banks tells his story.” Blues & Rhythm, 207 (March 2006): 8-10.

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Koenig, Linda Lee. The Vagabonds, America's Oldest Little Theater. Rutherford, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1983.

Kolodziej, B. A. “Realms in Conflict: Rationalism and Orthodoxy in Early Nineteenth-Century Hymnody.” The Hymn, 53 (July 2002): 21-29.
Category: Music and Theater

Kosnett, Jeffrey R. "The Multiplex Problem." Preservation 52 (September/October 2000): 12-14.
Category: Music and Theater | Other

Kracke, Robert D., and Carol Bench. "Through the Cracks of History: Those Shape Notes." Harford Historical Bulletin (Summer 1984): 38-46.
Annotations / Notes: Hymnal scores and their use in Harford County.

Kraus, Joanna Halpert. "A History of the Children's Theatre Association of Baltimore, Maryland >From 1943-1966." Ed.D. diss., Columbia University, 1972.

Kravetz, Sallie. Ethel Ennis, the Reluctant Jazz Star: An Illustrated Biography. Baltimore: Gateway Press/Hughes Enterprises, 1984.

Kremen, Judith S. “A Little History About…The Concert Square Grand.” The Register, 1 (2003): [3].
Category: Music and Theater

Krummel, D.W., Jean Geil, Doris Dyen, and Deane Root. Resources of American Music History, A Directory of Source Materials from Colonial Times to World War II. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1981.
Annotations / Notes: Here is a great single resource by which to determine where in Maryland one might find collections of music and music-related archival materials. The authors describe the contents of twenty-four Maryland repositories, from libraries and historical societies to educational institutions and privately owned collections. An excellent index allows searching for Maryland-related items being held in other states, too.

Lanahan, Lawrence. “Secrets of the City: What ‘The Wire’ Reveals about Urban Journalism.” Columbia Journalism Review, 46 (January/February 2008): 22-31.