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Alvarez, Rafael. "Images Of Another Time." In Hometown Boy: The Hoodle Patrol and Other Curiosities of Baltimore. Baltimore: Baltimore Sun, 1999, 296-297.

Alvarez, Rafael. "Stove Shop Now A Warm Memory.'" In Hometown Boy: The Hoodle Patrol and Other Curiosities of Baltimore. Baltimore: Baltimore Sun, 1999, 292-293.
Annotations / Notes: Baltimore Museum of Industry.

Alvarez, Rafael. "The Quest for Bawlmer's Treasures." In Hometown Boy: The Hoodle Patrol and Other Curiosities of Baltimore. Baltimore: Baltimore Sun, 1999, 40-42.
Annotations / Notes: Baltimore City Life Museums.

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Amrhine, Kenneth W. "The Sage and the Pulp." Menckeniana 68 (Winter 1978): 4-6.
Annotations / Notes: H. L. Mencken's history as a pulp fiction publisher is often over-looked, if not unknown. In the 1910s his use of these magazines to support his endeavor as a co-editor of the magazine Smart Set is examined in this article. Noting the financial success of what Mencken called his "louse magazines" over Smart Set , Amrhine concludes that the pulp fiction he published enabled him to maintain his economic status during the period.

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Anderson, Patricia Dockman. "Laying the Foundations: Herbert Baxter Adams, John Thomas Scharf, and Early Maryland Historical Scholarship." Maryland Historical Magazine 89 (Summer 1994): 170-83.
Annotations / Notes: Adams and Scharf were two of Maryland's leading late nineteenth century historians. They, however, represented two very different historical schools. Adams, a Johns Hopkins professor, was instrumental in the professionalization of the history discipline. Scharf was a "chronicler", a local historian. He also had a strong interest in document preservation. Adams played a pivotal role in the donation of Scharf's collection to Hopkins. Scharf's collection is now housed at the Maryland State Archives.

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