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Avery, Carlos P. "Baldwin & Pennington: Architects for the B&O Railroad." Three Centuries of Maryland Architecture, Annapolis, MD: Maryland Historical Trust, 1982, pp. 7-10

Baker, Mary Lou. “The Atlantic Hotel Gets a Fabulous Facelift.” Maryland Life, 5 (May/June 2009): 114.

Baker, Nancy T. "Annapolis, Maryland, 1695-1730." Maryland Historical Magazine 81 (Fall 1986): 191-209.
Annotations / Notes: This study describes the first phase in Annapolis's development as an urban center. It covers the period in which the community progressed from a settlement to a city. This period was marked by three patterns of development -- the acquisition of land, a growth in the population, and the town's evolution as a market for imported goods.

Baker, Nancy. "Annapolis, Maryland, 1695-1730." Maryland Historical Magazine 81 (Fall 1986): 191-209.

Ball, Walter V. "The History of Mount Pleasant." Montgomery County Story 20 (February 1977): 8-12.

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Baltimore Museum of Art. :Annual I The Museum: Its First Half Century. Baltimore: The Baltimore Museum of Art, 1966.
Annotations / Notes: A history of the first fifty years of the BMA, from its start as a City-Wide Congress Committee on Founding an Art Museum (1911), to its temporary home in Mount Vernon, to the construction of its permanent home in Wyman Park. A major thesis is that a very modern thinking museum became a great success in a city known for being conservative. Nicely illustrated with works from the collection and photographs of museum activities.

Bangs, Herbert P., Jr., and Stuart Mahler. "Users of Local Parks." Journal of the American Institute of Planners 36 (1970): 330-334.
Annotations / Notes: The authors seek to evaluate the effectiveness of a 1963 Baltimore County law requiring developers to set aside space in new residential sections for small local parks. The study examines parks created in three sample rowhouse developments, based upon interviews conducted with users of the three spaces. The article concludes that the program has been successful in terms of usage, though more by children than teens and young adults, and that proximity to residence determines frequency of use.

Barakat, Robert A. "Some Comments on Lord Baltimore's House at Ferryland, Newfoundland." Aspects: A Publication of the Newfoundland Historical Society, 8 (December 1976): 17-27.

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Beirne, Francis F. and Carleton Jones. Baltimore, A Picture History. 1957;1968; Third rev. ed. Baltimore: Bodine & Assoc. and MacLay & Assoc., 1982.
Annotations / Notes: Contains valuable photographs of historic Baltimore buildings, many no longer extant.

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