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Freedman, Ryan and Shouraseni Sen Roy. “Spatial Patterning of Manta Birostris in United States East Coast Offshore Habitat.” Applied Geography, 32 (March 2012): 652-59.
Category: Environment

Freeman, Allen. “Meadowland: Back to (Controlled) Nature on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.” Landscape Architecture, 94 (January 2004): 84-91.
Category: Environment

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Category: Environment

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Funderburk, Steven, Joseph Mihursky, Stephen Jordan, and David Riley. Habitat Requirements for Chesapeake Bay Living Resources. Annapolis, MD: The Workgroup, 1991.
Annotations / Notes: With 47 maps.

Fusonie, Alan, and Donna Jean. George Washington, Pioneer Farmer. Mount Vernon, VA: Mt. Vernon Ladies Association, 1998.
Annotations / Notes: Washington's life gives many insights into colonial farming, and he had many contacts among Maryland Agriculturalists.

Fusonie, Alan, and William Hauser. "Climate History at the National Agricultural Library." Agricultural History 63 (Spring 1989): 36-50.

Gambino, Megan. “Cracking the Code.” Smithsonian, 40 (August 2009): 23.
Category: Environment

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Category: Environment

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Category: Environment

Gelbert, Doug. Look Up Maryland! Walking Tours of 25 Towns in the Free State. Montchanin, DE: Cruden Bay Books, 2010.
Category: Environment

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Gertler, Edward. Maryland and Delaware Canoe Trails. 5th edition. Silver Spring, MD: Seneca Press, 2002.
Category: Environment

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Category: Environment

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