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Boles, Nancy G. "Notes on Maryland Historical Society Manuscript Collections: the Joseph Nathan Ulman Collection." Maryland Historical Magazine 67 (1972): 307-309.

Bolton, Nelson Mott and Christopher T. George. “Captain Henry Thompson’s First Baltimore Horse Artillery in the Defense of Baltimore in the War of 1812.” Maryland Historical Magazine, 108 (Winter 2013): 420-44.

Bond, Chrystelle T. "A Chronicle of Dance in Baltimore 1780-1814." Dance Perspectives 66 (Summer 1976): 1-49.

Bond, Chrystelle T. "A Chronicle of Dance in Baltimore, 1780-1814." Dance Perspectives 66, vol. 17 (Summer 1976).
Annotations / Notes: A summary of dancing, both ballroom and theatre, in Baltimore during an important 34-year period, with a focus on dancemasters William Francis (active at Holliday Street theatre 1794-1826) and Pierre Landrin Duport (active in Baltimore 1791-2, 1802-10), as well as musician Alexandria Reinagle and stage dancer John Durang and his descendents. Bond focuses on themes like patriotism and exoticism (through pantomime and French ballet), showing how choreographed upper class dances of the colonial period (like the minuet) gradually gave way to the simple, more commercial dances for the middle classes. This is an essential study for music, theatre and dance historians.

Bond, Chrystelle Trump. "Homefront Heroes: Jitterbugging in Wartime Baltimore." Maryland Historical Magazine 88 (Winter 1993): 462-72.
Annotations / Notes: Bond points out that the dance craze that hit America in the 1930s and 1940s found special expression during World War II in USO clubs, like those in Baltimore, which served as a hub for activities for servicemen in the Mid-Atlantic region. The article describes the etiquette instructions provided for female hostesses and discusses typical dance programs at the clubs, concluding by noting the special wartime popularity of the "jitterbug."

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Category: Medicine | Baltimore City

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Category: Women | Baltimore City

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