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Beirne, Francis F. and Carleton Jones. Baltimore, A Picture History. 1957;1968; Third rev. ed. Baltimore: Bodine & Assoc. and MacLay & Assoc., 1982.
Annotations / Notes: Contains valuable photographs of historic Baltimore buildings, many no longer extant.

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Berke, Arnold. "A Prince of a County." Preservation News 27 (September 1987): 5
Annotations / Notes: {preservation efforts in Prince George's County]

Bernard, Richard M. "A Portrait of Baltimore in 1800: Economic and Occupational Patterns in an Early American City." Maryland Historical Magazine 69 (Winter 1974): 341-60.
Annotations / Notes: This study looks at the social structure and physical location of Baltimore's population during its boom period. The author found Baltimore's rich and poor isolated from each other and the middle class decentralized. Many Baltimoreans worked near their home, while this allowed for the intermixing of people of different occupations, it kept different communities isolated from each other.

Bevan Edith R. "Willow Brook, Country Seat of John Donnell." Maryland Historical Magazine 44 (March 1949): 33-41.

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Annotations / Notes: Partially discusses work in Maryland.

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