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"Welcome Sara! Sara E. Patton named as the executive director of Maryland's first capital." A Briefe Relation 16 (Summer 1994): 1.

"Where the Red Cross Began." Southern Living, 19 (October 1984): 28-29.
Annotations / Notes: Clara Barton national historic site

"Women in Maryland History." Broad Neck Hundred II Life and Times (Summer 1977): 25-40.

"Zora Neale Hurston, 1891-1960." Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, 27 (Spring 2000): 1.

A History of the Maryland Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc., 1929-1980. College Park, MD: The Federation, 1986.

Behind the Maryland Scene: Women of Influence, 1600-1800. N.p.: National Society of Colonial Dames of America in Maryland et al., 1977.

Frederick's Legacy: The Art of Helen Smith. Frederick, Md.: Helen L. Smith Book and Studio Project Committee, 1998.

Praising the Bridge that Brought them Over: One Hundred Years at Indian Head. Indian Head, MD: Naval Ordnance Station, 1990.
Annotations / Notes: The history of the military base, and its surrounding community, as told through photographs and excerpts with interviews from twenty-six individuals. A ten page time line charts events of importance among the Navy at Indian Head, in the town of Indian Head, and national and internationally.

Tugging on a Heartstring. Annapolis, MD: Eastwind Publishing Services, 2006.
Category: Women

Women in Maryland Politics. Memphis, TN: Books LLC, 2011.

Alvarez, Rafael. “Merry Carol Christmas.” Maryland Life, 7 (November/December 2011): 103.
Annotations / Notes: Mary Carol Reilly
Category: Women

“2011 Scholarship Winner: Iris Spik.” Isle of Kent, (Fall 2011/Winter 2012): 7.
Category: Women

“A Century Celebration for PGCHS Library’s ‘Angel’.” News and Notes of the Prince George’s County Historical Society, 40 (January-February 2011): 1, 4.
Category: Women

“Alta Elizabeth Schrock, 1911-2001.” Glades Star, 9 (March 2002): 486, 492-93.
Category: Women | Garrett County

“An Interview with Marion Elizabeth Rogers.” Menckeniana, 202 (Summer 2012): 8-13.

“An Interview with Maureen Kavanagh.” ASM Ink, 30 (June 2004): 3-5.
Category: Archaeology | Women

“An Interview with…Laura Cripps.” ASM Ink, 36 (June 2010): 4-6.
Category: Archaeology | Women

“Anna May Russell.” SlackWater, 6 (2009): 45.
Category: Women

“Aunt Pigeon, 108 Years Old, Dead; Ex-Slave.” Chronicles of St. Mary’s, 52 (Spring 2004): 115-16.
Category: African American | Women

“Betsy Bonaparte in Baltimore.” Antiques, 180 (November/December 2013): 28.