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Annotations / Notes: Reprints of articles by four different authors which appeared in the leading nineteenth century publications of Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Lippincott's Magazine, and Scribner's Monthly. The authors included noted illustrator Howard Pyle and Maryland writer George Townsend.

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Annotations / Notes: The author examines Cambridge, Maryland in order to gain a local perspective on the civil rights movement. The author sets out to understand the movement at the grass roots level, instead of focusing on national leadership and civil rights legislation. Cambridge has been consistently overlooked in studies of the civil rights movement, and the author wonders if this has been the case since events in Cambridge do not fit neatly into typical historical narratives of the movement.

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Annotations / Notes: The author examines selected events relating to Dorchester County's black population between 1776 and 1870 and their struggle to make their own political, economic, religious, and educational choices. The author also focuses on the enslaved and free leaders who led the fight for self-determination. The author hopes that her text will be used in high school classrooms as a local history of black Dorchester County.

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