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Praising the Bridge that Brought them Over: One Hundred Years at Indian Head. Indian Head, MD: Naval Ordnance Station, 1990.
Annotations / Notes: The history of the military base, and its surrounding community, as told through photographs and excerpts with interviews from twenty-six individuals. A ten page time line charts events of importance among the Navy at Indian Head, in the town of Indian Head, and national and internationally.

Sketches from Prison: A Confederate Artist's Record of Life at Point Lookout Prisoner of War Camp, 1863-1865. [Annapolis, Md.?]: Maryland State Park Foundation, 1990.

The Maryland Line Confederate Soldiers' Home and Confederate Veterans Organizations in Maryland. Linthicum, MD: Toomey Press, 2001.

The McKaig Journal, a Confederate Family of Cumberland. Cumberland, MD: Allegheny County Historical Society, 1984.

“A Cup of Courage.” MdHS News, (Winter 2011): 6.
Category: Military

“Aberdeen Proving Ground: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.” Maryland Life, 6 (September/October 2010): [Maryland: A State of Innovation 4-13].
Category: Military

“An Account of the British Invasion of the Chesapeake Bay, August-September 1814.” Journal of the War of 1812, 9 (Summer 2005): 10-13.

“Antietam Shadowbox.” MdHS News, (Winter 2010): 18-19.
Category: Military

“Antietam Shadowbox.” MdHS News, (Winter 2010): 18-19.

“‘Bivouac of the Dead’: Antietam National Cemetery, Sharpsburg, Maryland.” Catoctin History, 6 (Fall/Winter 2005): 38-41.

“B-52 Bomber Crash of 1964.” Glades Star, 10 (September 2003): 109.
Category: Military

“Battle of Bladensburg Memorial Monument.” News and Notes of the Prince George’s County Historical Society, 42 (January-February 2013): 5.

“Bitter Aftermath to a Melee.” Civil War Times, 50 (October 2011): 40.
Category: Military

“Champion of the Common Soldier.” Civil War Times, 51 (August 2012): 46-51.

“Civil War Letters of John Alfred Edson.” Cecil Historical Journal, 2 (Winter 2002-2003): 20-28.

“Civil War Vignettes from the Diary of Jacob Engelbrecht.” Journal of the Historical Society of Frederick County, Maryland, (Fall 2004): 30-45.

“DRS Defense Solutions.” Maryland Life, 6 (May/June 2010): [Salute to the Military 10- 12].

“Fort Necessity’s Annual Salute to Colonial Veterans.” Glades Star, 10 (September 2003): 88-89, 112.
Category: Military

“Helping Military Families in Need.” Maryland Life, 7 (May/June 2011): [Salute to the Military 10-12].

“Innovative Plans Announced for War of 1812 Shipwreck.” Naval History, 26 (August 2012): 11.