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Alsop, George. A Character of the Province of Mary-land. Cleveland: The Burrows Brothers, 1902.

Amrhen, Jim. “A River’s Dance.” Maryland Life, 7 (September/October 2011): 44-47.
Category: Environment

Anft, Michael. "Fix the City: Down by the Old Mill Stream." Baltimore 90 (February 1997): 26-29, 104-5.

Anthony, James T. "Early Attempts at Wildlife Conservation in Maryland." Old Kent 1 (December 1985): 1-2.

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Category: Agriculture | Environment

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Category: Environment

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Babcock, Jason. “Rain Pains.” Chronicles of St. Mary’s, (Spring 2011): 5-6.
Category: Environment

Baden, Jacqueline Heppes. Maryland's Eastern Shore: A Place Apart. 2 vols. Rockville, MD: Travel on Tape, Book Division, 1990.

Baer, Nicholas Arthur. “Macroinvertebrate Community Structure and Ecological Function in Maryland Coastal Plain Streams.” Ph.D. diss., University of Maryland, College Park, 2004.
Category: Environment

Bailey, Robert F., III. Maryland’s Forests and Parks: A Century of Progress. Images of America series. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2006.
Category: Environment

Bain, Daniel J. and Crace S. Brush. “Gradients, Property Templates, and Land Use Change.” Professional Geographer, 60 (May 2008): 224-37.
Category: Environment

Bain, Daniel Joseph. “400 Years of Land Use Impacts on Landscape Structure and Riparian Sediment Dynamics: Investigations Using Chromite Mining Waste and Property Mosaics.” Ph.D. diss., Johns Hopkins University, 2004.
Category: Environment

Balkan, Evan. 60 Hikes within 60 Miles. Birmingham, AL: Menasha Ridge Press, 2006.
Category: Environment

Barnes, Brooks Miles, and Barry R. Truitt. Seashore Chronicles: Three centuries of the Virginia Barrier Islands. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 1997.
Annotations / Notes: Much of this book captures a mood equally applicable to Maryland's sea islands. I suspect Norwood, in 1650, landed on a Maryland Island anyhow!

Barrett, Daniel. "The Birth of the Calvert Marine Museum." Calvert Historian 2 (October 1987): 22-25.

Barrie, Robert, and George Barrie, Jr. Cruises Mainly in the Bay of the Chesapeake. Philadelphia: The Franklin Press, 1909.
Annotations / Notes: The Barrie Brothers provide the first sailboat cruiser's look at Chesapeake Bay, seen beginning in 1899. They record incidentally a number of environmental observations.

Bashore, Cynthia J., Hillary A. Lane, and Kennedy T. Paynter, et al. “Analysis of Marine Police Citations and Judicial Decisions for Illegal Harvesting of Eastern Oysters (Crassostrea Virginica, Gmelin 1791) in the Maryland Portion of the Chesapeake Bay, United States, from 1959 to 2010.” Journal of Shellfish Research, 31 (August 2012): 591-98.

Beary, Bernard J. "The Healing Waters of Ye Coole Springs." The Record 41 (September 1987): 1-3.