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Cammack, Shirley. "James Kernan's Enterprise: From a Burlesque House to a Hospital." Baltimore, 69 (Juuly 1976): 58-61
Annotations / Notes: James Kernan (1838-1912).

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Cassie, Ron. “Healing House.” Baltimore, 103 (August 2010): 118-22.
Category: Medicine

Cavanaugh, Joanne P. "Uncertainty in the Archives." Johns Hopkins Magazine 49 (November 1997): 28-33.
Annotations / Notes: A well written discussion of the varied archival repositories of The Johns Hopkins University. Serves as a useful introduction to the nature of archives, including a discussion of the problems with electronic records.

Cavanaugh, Joanne P. "Women of War." Johns Hopkins Magazine 50 (November 1998): 46-54.

Centofanti, Marjorie. '"Young Men Who Would Be Heard from.'" Johns Hopkins Magazine, 41 (June 1989): 51-55.
Category: Medicine

Chase, Henry V. "Early Maryland physicians and the first presidential election." ,em>Maryland Medical Journal, 46 (April 1997): 198-200.
Category: Medicine

Chase, Henry V. "Early Patriot Physicians of Maryland and the First Provisional Convention, June 22, 1774." Maryland Medical Journal, 47 (February/March 1998): 77-79.

Chase, Henry V. "Philip Thomas (1747-1815): Physician, patriot, politician." Maryland Medical Journal, 48 (September/October 1999): 207-13.

Chase, Henry V. "The History of Brucellosis in Maryland and the District of Columbia." Maryland Medical Journal, 42 (January 1993): 37-42.
Category: Medicine

Chase, Henry V. "The Scott-Key Connection." Maryland Medical Journal 45 (October 1996): 859-60.

Chatelaine, Kenneth Leo. "Harry Stack Sullivan: The Formative Years (1892-1930) (The Forming and Influential Factors in His Life and His Work)." Ph.D. diss., University of Maryland, 1978.

Chen, N., E. Erbelding, and H.C. Yeh, et al. “Predictors of HIV Testing among Latinos in Baltimore City.” Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, 12 (December 2010): 867-74.
Category: Medicine | Baltimore City