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Annotations / Notes: Compared to slaves and servants, free, white laborers, like Nathaniel Dunnahoe in Kent County, in 1716, have been overlooked. However, Daniels found evidence of both the work they did wheat threshing, shingle and plank making, providing firewood, washing, knitting, and midwifery, among other things and the wages they earned. "Free male and female laborers in the slave Chesapeake found work at tasks either unrelated or only indirectly related to the plantation staple." (p. 157). Economic niches, apparently, existed early on.

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Annotations / Notes: Photo study of a variety of abandoned buildings -- agricultural structures and homes.

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Annotations / Notes: Historic photographs and excerpts from 60 of the "best" works on Southern Maryland. Arranged predominately by theme, the chapters include working the land, working the water, life in the home, and life in the community. A ten page introduction gives a brief chronological history of the area.

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