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Bowman, John D. Guide to Selections from the Montgomery County Sentinel, Maryland, January 1, 1888-December 30, 1892. Westminster, MD: Heritage Books, 2006.

Bowman, John D. Guide to Selections from the Montgomery County Sentinel, Maryland, January 1, 1893-December 31, 1896. Westminster, MD: Heritage Books, 2007.

Bowman, John D. Guide to Selections from the Montgomery County Sentinel, Maryland, January 1, 1897-December 31, 1901. Westminster, MD: Heritage Books, 2007.

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Boyd, Thomas Hulings Stockton. The History of Montgomery County, Maryland, from its earliest settlement in 1650 to 1879. Clarksburgh, MD [Baltimore, W. K. Boyle & son, printers], 1879; reprint, Baltimore: Regional Pub. Co, 1968.
Annotations / Notes: Written following the American, and the County's, Centennial, this work places special emphasis on land grants and prominent men. Includes a directory of the towns, villages, and residents.

Brigham, Dave. "Born on the Edge." Legacy 18 (Spring 1998): 1, 4.

Brockett, Anne, Donald Hall, Linda Lyons, and Bonnie Rosenthal. “The History of National Park Seminary, a Montgomery County Treasure.” Montgomery County Story, 55 (Winter 2012): 1-17.

Brown, Lloyd W. "A Visit to Old Spencerville." Legacy 20 (Summer 2000): 1, 4.

Bunting, Elaine, and Patricia D'Amario. Counties of Central Maryland. Centreville, MD: Tidewater Publishers, 1998.
Annotations / Notes: A series designed for young people.

Canby, Thomas Y. "Montgomery General - America's Most Rural Hospital." Montgomery County Story, 23 (February 1980): 1-8.

Canby, Tom and Susan. “Gleanings from the Minutes of the Sandy Spring Clubs.” The Legacy, 35 (Summer 2011): 4-5.

Canby, Tom, and Elie S. Rogers. Sandy Spring Legacy. Sandy Spring, MD: Sandy Spring Museum, 1999.
Annotations / Notes: A history of greater Sandy Spring which includes Brookeville, Ashton, Olney, Brinklow/Cincinnati, Brighton, and Laytonsville/Mt. Zion. Nearly 200 pages of historic images, all sepia, are arranged around themes or communities, i.e. "Some Childhood Recollections ...", "The Era of the Grist Mills", "Early Churches Take Root", "Old Homes Bespeak Prosperity and Taste". Small historic maps of the communities are included.

Canby, Tom. "Barnsley's Olney Store Sold Food, Coffins, Grog." Legacy 20 (Summer 2000): 7.

Canby, Tom. "Brookeville's Malodorous Tanneries." Legacy, 21 (Winter 2001): 1, 4.

Canby, Tom. "Firefighters Expand Community Role." Legacy 18 (Summer 1998): 1, 5.

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Canby, Tom. "When Sandy Spring Struck GOLD!" Legacy 15 (Winter 1996): 1, 7.