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Friday, January 30, 2015
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Staff Directory

Digital Systems and Stewardship Division

Staff Directory
Name Job Title Location
Phone Number Directory ID

Division Head's Office

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Hamidzadeh, Babak Associate Dean for Digital Systems and Stewardship 301-314-0409
B0116 McKeldin Library
Kidd, Judith Coordinator 301-405-9012
B0116 McKeldin Library

Consortial Library Applications Support

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Alie, Ingrid Coordinator 301-314-9149
B0221D McKeldin Library
Dahl, David Director, Consortial Library Application Support 301-314-0395
B0242 McKeldin Library
Hanson, Heidi Systems Librarian 301-405-9338
B0236 McKeldin Library
Hemhauser, Mark Systems Librarian 301-314-4812
B0238 McKeldin Library
Seguin, Linda Systems Librarian 301-314-9541
B0235 McKeldin Library
Wilt, David Systems Librarian 301-405-9209
B0232 McKeldin Library

Digital Conversion and Media Reformatting

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Cartier, Eric Digital Librarian 301-405-1835
4210W Hornbake Library
Pike, Robin Manager, Digital Conversion & Media Reformatting 301-314-0184
B0225 McKeldin Library

Digital Programs and Initiatives

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Caringola, Elizabeth Historic Maryland Newspapers Librarians 301-314-2677
B0111D McKeldin Library
Lengel, Audrey Coll. Mgmt./DRUM GA 301-405-9432
B0225 McKeldin Library
Nilsen, Karl Research Data Librarian 301-405-9204
B0230 McKeldin Library
Owen, Terry Digital Scholarship Librarian 301-314-1328
B0224 McKeldin Library
Prael, Sara Digital Experience GA 301-314-2558
B0131 McKeldin Library
Westgard, Joshua Systems Librarian 301-405-9136
B0221B McKeldin Library


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Munoz, Trevor Asst Dean, Digital Res Lib & Assc Director MITH 301-405-9528
0301 Hornbake Library

Software Systems Development and Research

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Abdul Rasheed, Mohamed Mohideen Software Developer 301-314-2720
B0114 McKeldin Library
Arora, Rohit Grad Asst I 301-314-2720
0114 McKeldin Library
Breitenlohner, Hans Systems Analyst 301-405-9196
B0240 McKeldin Library
Chang, Shian-Chih IT Architect 301-314-2721
B0111 B McKeldin Library
Eichman, Peter Senior Software Developer 301-314-9132
B0112 McKeldin Library
Hammer, Paul IT Data Base Admin 301-405-9025
B0111C McKeldin Library
Jain, Sakshi Software Developer GA 301-405-7768
CATT Lab Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building
Steelman, David Systems Analyst 301-405-0725
B0221D McKeldin Library
Thayil, Vivian Software Developer GA 301-314-2720
0114 McKeldin Library
Wallberg, Ben Manager, Software Systems Development and Research 301-314-6010
B0114A McKeldin Library
Zhao, Cindy Web Svcs Developer 301-405-9206
B0111 A McKeldin Library

User and Systems Support

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Ayensu, Sandra IT Support Asst 301-405-9090
B0131 McKeldin Library
Carson, Chamisa IT Coor 301-405-9192
B0131 McKeldin Library
Chuba, Pancratius General Assistant 301-405-9188
B0131 McKeldin Library
Eldred, Brandon IT Sys Analyst 301-405-9122
B0131 McKeldin Library
Enwesi, Uche Manager, User and Systems Support 301-405-9208
B0131 McKeldin Library
Karunwi, Aderinola Coordinator 301-405-9082
B0131 McKeldin Library
Kayiwa, Francis IT Systems Analyst 301-405-9320
B0131 McKeldin Library
Quartey, Victoria IT Support Asst 301-314-6827
Tobery, Preston IT Support Spec 301-314-7861
B0131 McKeldin Library
Walker, William IT Sys Analyst 301-405-9207
B0131E McKeldin Library

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