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Research Data Services

Our librarians provide expert guidance, project consultation, and technical assistance on various aspects of data management and curation. You can consult us about data management planning, data sharing and publishing, long-term preservation, and related topics. Contact us to get started:

What we deliver

  • Open data - create and publish open data
  • Data-management plans - design and carry out plans for funding agencies and journals
  • Data archiving - archive and preserve data with UMD Libraries
  • Managing data collections - construct well-organized, well-documented data collections

If you need to write a data-management or -sharing plan for a grant proposal or journal submission, please see our guide to data management plans.


Archiving data with the Libraries

You may be able to use the Digital Repository at the University of Maryland (DRUM) to archive, preserve, and disseminate data and other research products. DRUM satisfies data sharing requirements from funding agencies and journals. More information.

Technical expertise

  • Selecting data for archiving and publishing
  • Locating data repositories, archives, and data centers
  • Getting DOIs and other identifiers
  • Selecting file formats
  • Creating documentation and metadata
  • Optimizing organization and taxonomy/ontology
  • Citing data
  • Addressing confidentiality and intellectual property issues

Our Professionals

Karl Nilsen
Research Data Librarian

Robin Dasler
Engineering/Research Data Librarian

Alex Carroll
Agriculture and Natural Resources Librarian

Jeremy Garritano
Life Sciences/Research Data Librarian

Terry Owen
Digital Scholarship Librarian
Manager, Digital Repository at the University of Maryland  (DRUM)

Trevor Muñoz
Assistant Dean for Digital Humanities Research, University of Maryland Libraries
Associate Director, Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities