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Korean language materials in the East Asia Collection are catalogued using the McCune-Reischauer romanization system.

In order to find Korean materials on catalog, enter either the author or title in McCune-Reischauer romanized form.


Our latest acquisition is Naver News Library. Naver News Library is a full-text Korean newspaper article database containing the following four major newspapers:

  • Tonga ilbo東亞日報= Dong-A ilbo : 1920-1999
  • Kyŏnghyang sinmun 京鄕新聞 = Kyunghyang Shinmun : 1946-1999
  • Maeil kyŏngje sinmun每日經濟新聞 = Maeil Business Newspaper : 1966-1999
  • Han’gyŏre 한겨레 = The Hankyoreh : 1988-1999
  • Note:"Han’gyŏre 한겨레 = The Hankyoreh" newspaper will be added on our service in October 2011.

The access is available from: Naver News Library

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Language-Specific Internet Resources

  1. Korean Studies Internet Resources:
  2. Korean-Language Journals & Yearbooks in EAC
  3. Selected Electronic Resources
  4. Korean Bibliography (Library of Congress, A bibliography of approximately 4,800 records of books about Korea in English up to 1995 held by the LOC)
  5. Korean Area Studies - Internet Resources Subject Guides (Established by Committee on Korea Materials of Council on East Asian Libraries. Comprehensive subject guides to South Korea)
  6. Gateway to Korea (Includes general information on Korea, such as government, culture, economy, directory, and travel, etc.. )