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Nonprint Media Services - Rooms details

  • Nonprint has two larger classrooms that can hold up to 60 people (Rooms 0302H and 0302J), three media viewing rooms that can hold up to 12 people (0302C, D and E) and two editing rooms intended for audiovisual work (0302 F and G). For more information on the specific equipment and software in the rooms see the following:
    • 0302H and J (Large classrooms)
    • 0302C, D and E (smaller media viewing rooms)
    • 0302B
    • 0302F and G
  • These rooms fill up quickly, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please reserve them as far in advance as possible. To do so please use this form.
  • If told in advance, Nonprint staff will set up the room for whatever media you're using and instruct you on how to use the equipment. In order to accommodate the various formats, the setup of the rooms can be complicated, so please ask a member of our staff for help if you need it.
    • Important: If the computer in a classroom is not logged in, please alert Nonprint staff so we may log in for you. If you use your own account, the computer will time-out and log off after a certain amount of non-use.