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Please excuse the disruption in the building as the ground floor is remodeled to accommodate new offices. This construction will continue through March and may impact study space and the noise level throughout the building. If the disruption to ground floor is too great, please use the study spaces on floors 1, 2 and 3. 

Library Media Services


Library Media Services supports access to and creation of audio/visual media as data and information. In the world of knowledge, media helps define our collective desire to experience subjects across the disciplines, especially those where seeing and hearing are the primary elements of understanding. The services are: general and research audiovisual collections, media-centric learning and teaching spaces, multimedia production facilities, and staff who will be continuously trained to assist users seeking to fully understand and use this multimedia world of information.

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We may have changed our name since this promo came out in the 1970's but we still have the same mission, that students of the next generation will have a learning style all their own and it will be up to us to discover it: