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Library Media Services - Staff

Library Media Services Staff

All LMS staff: Use this for general service questions and information, or call the front desk at 301-405-9236.

Linda Sarigol, Collections Conservator
Phone: 301-405-9228
Email: sarigol 

Tony Chan , Electronic Technician
Phone: 301-405-9236
Email: achan1

Juana Godinez, Multi-Media Technician
Phone: 301-405-9384;
Email: jgodinez

Ying Guo , Desk & Collections Supervisor
Phone: 301-405-9232;
Email: guoying

Carleton Jackson , Head, LMS
Phone: 301-405-9226;
Email: carleton

Fernando Jimenez , Streaming Media Coordinator
Phone: 301-405-9236;
Email: fjimenez

Yitzhak Paul , Technologies Specialist
Phone: 301-405-9352
Email: ypaul

Lealin Queen, Production Specialist
Phone: 301-405-9225
Email: lqueen

Matthew Kubisiak, Library Services and Media Conservation Assistant
Phone: 443-624-5001

Christopher Robeck, Digital Media/Marketing GA
Phone: 443-859-2065
Email: crobeck

Student Assistants:

Joseph Jacobs, Luke Attardi, Noah Paul, Nicholas Wilson, Samantha Luckert, Tina Le, Teressa Ferraro,