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Library Media Services - Facilities

Rooms H & J

  Rooms H & J are equipped with a dual boot (Windows 7 & OSX) production iMac and an audiovisual cabinet with region free DVD, VHS, Laserdisc, and U-Matic video players all of which are connected through a projector. Seats approximately 60.  Please use this form for reservations.


Rooms F & G

Rooms F & G are dedicated production rooms for the creation and editing of all things audiovisual. In each room is a state of the art 27” iMac equipped with an array of editing software. A list off all the editing software can be found here. In addition to editing software there is equipment that can be borrowed from the reference desk for the aid in creation or editing of audiovisual projects. A full list of the equipment can be found here.


 Rooms C, D, & E

 Rooms C, D, and E are small group viewing rooms with the capacity to fit approximately 16 people. In each room is a 32 inch 1080p LCD TV with the ability to playback DVD, VHS, and Laserdisc and can be reserved for group viewings here. Additionally in each room is a 27” iMac with a full array of production software for the creation and editing of audiovisual projects. The rooms may also be used for group study on a first come first serve basis and priority will be given to those needing the room for either group viewing or the creation or editing of audiovisual projects.


The Floor

The floor of Nonprint Media has 14 Dell PCs and 10 production iMacs with editing software. There are two high speed laser black and white printers and one cannon multifunction color printer/scanner. 40 DVD/VHS campus cable connected TV’s reside on the floor as well as TV’s with the ability of playing Laserdisk, U-matic, and region locked VHS and DVD’s. Two Cinescan machines on the floor provide an easy method for viewing our extensive 16mm collection.   There are 13 tables that seat four and 4 tables that seat six for group study.