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Adding Online Media Reserves (ShareStream) to ELMS (Canvas)

To Add Online Media Reserves (ShareStream) to ELMS (Canvas):

1. Create a new module - 

  • Hover the mouse over the "Courses" tab and select your course from the drop down menu

  • Select the "Modules" tab on the left navigation menu

  • Click on the "Create a Module" button on the right navigation menu
  • (alternatively, if you would like to add Sharestream to an existing module skip to step 2.)


  • Enter "Online Video Reserves" as the name of the module, and select "Add Module" button


2. Add "ShareStream" to the "Online Video Reserves" module -

  • Click the gear icon at the top right  and select "+ Add Content" in the drop down menu

  • Select "External Tool" from the drop down box in the in the pop up that appears

  • The pop up will then provide a list of items.  Select "Online Media Reserves" from the list, and then "Add item". 

  • Now Sharestream has been activated for your class, and should be accessible under "modules". 
  • Click on your new module to open it. This will notify our service that your class has this module in it. You must do this for us to "see" your class.