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Frequently Asked Questions about the Special Events Room

Is there a fee to use the Special Events Room?
The use of the Special Events Room is free to those having an association with the University of Maryland.  Those without an association should contact the Dean's Office before submitting a request. There is a fee for setup and equipment use within the Special Events Room. 

How many people can the room hold?
The McKeldin Special Events Room can easily accommodate over 200 people standing or 100 people sitting. Maximum seating is currently 130, limited by the number of chairs owned by the Libraries.

Can we have food at our event?
The Special Events Room permits food and drinks subject to the following conditions:

  • Prepared food may be brought in or catered for an event.  However, food must be brought in through McKeldin Library's 1st floor loading dock located off of South Library Lane.
  • We cannot provide a staging area for catered events.
  • Cleaning up after the event is required (i.e. cleaning up food and removing trash by taking bags to the 1st floor loading dock dumpster).
  • The use of cooking utensils and the cooking of any foods are not permitted.
Can I access the room prior to my event?

Please contact the Dean's Office--see contact information to the right--to make arrangements.

Can the McKeldin Special Events Room be set up to my specifications?
Yes, we have a list of standard options available here.   If none of these fit your specifications, we will work with you to determine a configuration to meet your needs based on our furniture inventory.

What technology is available in the room?
A list of technology options is available here.  These include: a projector with a PC-based computer, a slide clicker, microphones, and a CD/DVD player.  These items are all provided for a fee.

Can I bring my own laptop?
We prefer you to use our computer, which is configured for the room.  If you must bring your own laptop, we cannot troubleshoot this connection. 

What if I need to change something regarding my reservation?
For changes to your request, please contact the Dean's Office.

Why do I need to provide an FRS number?
We need an FRS number to confirm your reservation.  We will charge it for your rental fees.  You are responsible for insuring that the room is clean and tidy once your event concludes. Straighten chairs. Recycle used flip chart sheets. Recycle handouts. Remove food trash by taking bags to the 1st floor loading dock dumpster.  A payment of $50 will be assessed if the room is not cleared and restored to original condition after the event. An additional charge (minimum $50) will be applied if special cleaning of room is required after the event.  

You will be assessed a fee for lost or damaged technology equipment and/or if technology items are not returned in their original condition.