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  1982   1980 Census Map, Census Tract Boundaries, Baltimore County
  1981   1980 Census Tracts and Regional Planning Districts in the Baltimore Region
  1984   1982-1984 Baltimore Region Transportation Improvements
  1991   1990 Census Tracts & Regional Planning Tracts in the Baltimore Region
  No Date   20 Year Sewer Service Areas
  1990   African-American History Sites, Baltimore County, Maryland
  1981   Baltimore Area Bike Map
  1984   Baltimore Area Bike Map, 1984
  1965   Baltimore Chain Food Store Locations
  1975   Baltimore County Comprehensive Plan
  1991?   Baltimore County Scenic Roads
  1974   Baltimore County Street Map
  1974   Baltimore East Quadrangle
  1977   Baltimore Region General Department Plan
  1975   Baltimore SMSA Regional Planning Districts
  1953, 1974   Baltimore West Quadrangle
  1979   Baltimore and Baltimore County Street Map
  1884   Baltimore and Its Neighborhood
  1985   Baltimore, MD & Vicinity Map: Inside the Beltway
  1950   Baltimore, Maryland and Adjacent Area Tracts
  1982   Baltimore, Maryland, 50 Mile Radius Map
  1959   Being Ye Historical Map of Baltimore County on its 300th Anniversary
  1960   Census Tracts in the Baltimore SMSA
  1970   Census Tracts in the Baltimore, Maryland SMSA
  1970   Census Tracts in the Baltimore, Maryland SMSA, 1970