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Image   Year   Title
  1905   Approaches to Baltimore Harbor, Maryland
  1975 (circa)   Baltimore Community Facilities and Services, the Comprehensive Plan
  No Date   Baltimore Showing the District Boundaries
  1984-1989   Baltimore's Development Program, 1984-1989
  1965   Existing Parks and Recreation Facilities
  1873   F. Klemm's Map of Baltimore & Suburbs
  1872   F. Klemm's Map of Baltimore and the Proposed Extension of the City Compiled from Actual Surveys by S.J. Martenet
  1905   First Records of Baltimore Town and Jones Town, 1729-1797
  1941   Homeland
  No Date   Howard Park
  1891   Indexed Atlas of the World: Map of Baltimore
  1921   Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland
  1874   Map Lithographed for the City of Baltimore Showing the Proposed Extension
  1838   Map of Baltimore, Maryland
  1885 (circa)   Map of Baltimore, circa 1885
  1853   Map of the City and Suburbs of Baltimore
  1892   Maryland: Baltimore Quadrangle
  1904   Maryland: Baltimore Quadrangle, 1904
  1965   Neighborhood-community Recreation Deficiencies
  1886   New Bond Paper Map on Baltimore
  No Date   Plan of Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland
  1801   Plan of the City & Environs of Baltimore
  1845   Plan of the City of Baltimore Compiled from the Actual Survey
  1940   Plat of Montebello, Woodbourne, Marble Hall Farms, & Swansea
  1886   Rippey's Index Map, Baltimore, Maryland