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  No Date   Proposed Channels and Culverts for Decatur Heights
  No Date   Gas and Electric Stations and Territory(2)
  No Date   Plan of Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland
  No Date   Relative Productivity of Maryland Soils
  No Date   Baltimore Showing the District Boundaries
  No Date   Map of Maryland Showing Natural Resources of the Counties
  No Date   Howard Park
  1990   We the People of Maryland: a Cultural Heritage Map
  1988   Oyster & Clam Harvesting Waters, Maryland Chesapeake Bay Region
  1984-1989   Baltimore's Development Program, 1984-1989
  1983   Water Use in Maryland
  1980   Mineral Localities of Washington, D.C. Area
  1979   Directory of Mineral Producers in Maryland
  1978   Landfill Location Map
  1977   Salt Water Sport Fishing and Boating in Maryland
  1976   Maryland Bicentennial Trail Map
  1975 (circa)   Baltimore Community Facilities and Services, the Comprehensive Plan
  1975   Foxhunting with Horse and Hounds in the Free State
  1974   General Assembly Legislative Districts
  1970   Metropolitan Map Series: Baltimore-Washington
  1969   Maryland and District of Columbia
  1969   Status of Aerial Photography Coverage, 1969
  1968   Geologic Map of Maryland
  1968   Status of Aerial Photography Coverage
  1967   Literary Maryland: Selected Authors and their Works