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Newspapers & Magazines

Photocopies of newspapers and magazines are not made of the original Prange materials. Newspapers and magazines are available on microforms in McKeldin Library, where patrons may print or download images to a personal USB drive. The printing fee is $ 0.10 per page. In order to make copies, patrons must purchase a Photocopy Card.

Researchers using duplications from the microforms for publication, broadcast, or other commercial use are required to complete the Notification of Intent to Publish Reproductions of Prange Materials form. It is the user's obligation to determine if a particular use exceeds what is permissible under U.S. copyright law or, if applicable, under the copyright law of another country and to assume full responsibility for any infringing use of materials.

Currently, interlibrary direct mailing services are not provided for newspapers and magazines.

The microfilms of the magazines and newspapers are also available at the National Diet Library of Japan.