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International Clarinet Association Research Center

Borrowing ICA Research Center Scores

Who may borrow scores?
Only members of the International Clarinet Association (Join the ICA!) and students, faculty, and staff at the University System of Maryland may borrow from the ICA Research Center Score Collection.

How to order scores
Requests for scores must be made either in person after making an appointment or by mail.

Please print and use the form: Request to Borrow Scores, if you wish to order score by mail.

Include composer, title, and entry number when ordering scores.

NOTE: We cannot guarantee that every score that you request is available. Be sure to include alternate requests with each order so that you get your full money's worth.

Lending Policies and Fees

  1. Two months is the period of the loan. Prompt return of the music is expected so that all borrowers have an equal opportunity.
  2. You may borrow up to 15 scores.
  3. All requests for scores must be made in person or by mail. If you intend to come in person, please make an appointment beforehand by contacting SCPA staff at (301) 314-7614 so that scores can be retrieved and prepared for borrowing.
  4. Each request to borrow must include:
    - the inventory number, composer, and title for each score requested,
    - a photocopy of proof of the borrower's current ICA membership status or current registration card or faculty/staff ID card from the University System of Maryland,
    - a check or money order made payable to the University of Maryland (See item 5 below)
    - your shipping address, if ordering by mail.
  5. Payment for shipping and handling costs must accompany requests for mailed materials according to the following schedule:

for addresses in the United States
1-5 items $9.00; 6-10 items $10.00; 11-15 items $11.00
for addresses outside the United States
1-5 items $18.00, 6-10 items, $20.00, 11-15 items, $22.00.

Mail requests and returns to:

ICA Research Center
Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library
University of Maryland
2511 Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center
College Park MD 20742-1630

Returning Scores

When returning music to the ICA Research Center by mail, please insure the package adequately and use a secure and sturdy padded package.

If you return scores in person, please contact SCPA staff at (301) 314-7614 ahead of time to ensure that staff will be available to process the return.

A charge of at least $25.00 will be assessed in the case of defaced or lost scores.

Donating Scores

To donate scores, please contact the curator. The ICA Research Center also maintains a list of requested scores.