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Tuesday, July 28, 2015
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Find more information about past books by visiting the Speaking of Books list in WorldCat. You can find links to book reviews, information about library holdings, and more!

Speaking of Books... Conversations with Campus Authors: Past Events


Dancing Elephants and Leaping Jaguars cover

2014 Meer Flyer Landau Event Flyer Norman Event Flyer
2013 Lucas Flyer Paoletti Flyer
2012 Heather Nathans-Slavery and Sentiment Carla Peterson-Black Gotham
2011 Ira Berlin-Four Great Migrations Lucinda Fleeson-Waking Up in Eden Francis Lee-Beyond Ideology James Gimpel-Our Patchwork Nation Jonathan Auerbach-Dark Borders
2010 Deborah Nelson-The War Behind Me Robert Park-Superstition Laura Rosenthal-Nightwalkers Sahar Khamis-Islam Dot Com Hugo Keesing-Next Stop Is Vietnam
2009 Robin Sawyer-Sexpertise Mark Sagoff-Economy of the Earth Anil Gupta-Getting China and India Right John Frece-Sprawl and Politics
 2008 Stanley Plumly-Posthumous Keats Howard Leathers-World Food Problem Gene Roberts-The Race Beat Paul Herrnson-Voting Technology Barry Lee Pearson-Jook Right On
 2007 Clare Lyons-Sex Among the Rabble Psyche Williams-Forson-Building Houses Out of Chicken Legs Robert Friedel-A Culture of Improvement
 2006 Veryln Flieger-Interrupted Music Jeffrey Herf-The Jewish Enemy Shawn and Trevor Parry-Giles-Prime Time Presidency
2005 Vincent Carretta-Equiano the African