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Special Collections

in Hornbake

10:00AM - 05:00PM

Hornbake Library 1st Floor is a Green Office

The Green Office Program is a voluntary, self-guided initiative that promotes best environmental practices at the University of Maryland. The program supports and promotes offices that are taking steps toward reducing their environmental footprint.

True sustainability happens when it is embedded into our core operation and part of everyone’s job. The Green Office program engages everyone in taking steps towards a more sustainable future.

What Special Collections Staff are Doing


  • Our office has signed the Green Office Participation Pledge
  • We have completed our Green Office Pre-Audit
  • We include sustainability topics as a regular agenda item at staff meetings
  • Our website includes a link to the Office of Sustainability and information about our progress towards becoming Green Office certified
  • We include an introduction to our office's sustainability initiatives in new staff orientation
  • Our office maintains an active sustainability committee to address and promote new initiatives
  • We formally challenged another office to participate in the Green Office Program

Energy and Technology

  • We turn out lights when we leave an unoccupied room and use task lighting in place of overhead lights
  • We use energy efficiency settings on our computers, monitors, printers, and copy machines
  • We use centralized, shared appliances and equipment such as printers, scanners, copiers, and refrigerators
  • When possible, we turn off our computers every night
  • We ensure that windows are tightly closed during heating and cooling
  • We have replaced our old power strips with 'smart' power strips

Kitchen and Lunchroom

  • We report leaks and running taps to Facilities Management
  • We pack waste-free lunches
  • We have eliminated bottled water from our office
  • We buy coffee, condiments, and other supplies in bulk to minimize packaging waste
  • We purchase and use green cleaning products for our office

Meetings and Events

  • We use reusable mugs/cups, including at office meetings and events
  • We promote and enable alternatives to in-person meetings
  • We have decreased the number of giveaways, freebies, and gifts purchased and offered by our office


  • We carpool, take the shuttle, bike, or walk to on-campus meetings
  • We schedule regular vehicle maintenance for our fleet vehicles and are current with emission testing requirements
  • Our employees take advantage of teleworking opportunities when appropriate

Waste and Recycling Category

  • We have established an office supply sharing and re-use area for file folders, binders, pens, tape, and more
  • We use inter-departmental enveloped for mailing on campus
  • We practice single-stream recycling and we have recycling instructions posted near all recycling bins
  • We print and copy on both sides of a page and our printers/computers are set for automatic double-sided printing wherever possible
  • We collect single-sided copy and print paper
  • We recycle batteries using Facilities management brown battery collection system
  • We participate in "Can the Can"
  • When we have surplus office furniture, electronics, and equipment, we arrange Terrapin Trader to pick it up
  • Toner and ink cartridges from printers and copy machines are recycled
  • We buy recycled and environmentally friendly office products
  • When we need to purchase new furniture, we purchase from Terrapin Trader when they have something that fills our need
  • We use  100% recycled office copy paper

Personalized Action

  • We promote the Farmer's Market and UMD Food Truck as sustainable lunch options