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Tuesday, September 1, 2015
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Teaching & Learning Instruction Policies

Types of Instruction

  • English 101: One or two, 50 to 75 minute sessions focused on the development of research question and information literacy skills. The second session is most effective when paired with (or right after) the annotated bibliography assignment.

  • University 100: An interactive online scavenger hunt designed to orient new students to online library resources. 


  • Request instruction by completing the Instruction Request Form and consenting to the Teaching and Learning Policies. 


  • Request two weeks in advance to allow sufficient preparation time for library instructors.

  • Sessions are first come, first served. Please schedule early to ensure the time slot that best fits your students’ needs.

  • Sessions are not typically scheduled during the first two weeks, or last week, of the semester. If you have a special circumstance that may require instruction during these periods, please contact Teaching and Learning Services at

  • Students should come prepared with ideas for possible topics. Please schedule instruction at a point in the semester when students are aware of the assignment requirements and have had time to consider what their research focus might be.

Faculty Involvement

  • Attend the session with your students. We encourage instructors to be active during the library session. In addition to providing valuable insight, your presence encourages students to be engaged in the instruction experience.

  • Provide a copy of your syllabus and/or assignment when requesting instruction. This information will help your library instructor to select the most appropriate resources and activities for your students.

    Please share library instructor’s contact information with your students. We make an effort to pair faculty member with library instructors as early as possible. Librarians are available to assist students throughout the semester, at any point in their research process. Please share our contact information and encourage your students to get in touch with any questions!