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GEMS 100: Introduction to Gemstone

What is GEMS 100 - Introduction to Gemstone?

GEMS 100 is a required introductory course for students enrolled in the Gemstone Program. Gemstone is a multidisciplinary four-year research program for selected undergraduate honors students of all majors. Students are grouped into teams and complete extensive, original research throughout their undergraduate career. [1 credit. Offered every fall semester].


How does the library support GEMS 100?

During weeks 5-7 of the fall semester, Gemstone students come to McKeldin Library for a 50-minute session with a librarian. Students work to apply the concepts that define their research question to locate relevant resources. This is done in order to complete portions of the GEMS 100 Project Sheet.


How big is this program?

The Libraries teach approximately 180-200 freshman in 18 sections each fall semester. These statistics may vary. Section leaders are directed to submit their library workshop request every July using this form.


What are the goals of this library session?

These are the student learning outcomes defined for the GEMS 100 library workshop:

By the end of the library session students will be able to:

  1. Identify general library services available to students.
    [ACRL Standard 1 (1c, 2)]
  2. Describe the relationship between the Gemstone Program and the University Libraries, as well as the relationship of the librarian to Gemstone teams.
    [ACRL Standard 2 (1a, 1d)]
  3. Discover multiple types of resources that are prevalent to the chosen research topics and then name three (3) different types of sources.
    [ACRL Standard 1 (2)]
  4. Identify at least two (2) databases in discipline/topic areas related to research topics generated in GEMS 100.
    [ACRL Standard 2 (2e, 3a)]

ACRL Standards, Performance Indicators, and Outcomes


How do we assess student learning?

At the end of the workshop, students will be directed to complete an online assessment form that will measure their learning.


Need more information about this library program?

Contact Teaching and Learning Services.