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International Student Orientations

What are the international student orientations?

Every January and August, the Office of International Education Services provides the University's incoming international students with an orientation to campus. The aim is to help foreign students make a smooth transition to the University of Maryland, and to the United States. In an all day orientation, students are introduced to a variety of federal and University policies, services and resources.


How does the library support international students?

In partnership with the Office of International Education Services, the Libraries offer students a 30-minute or 60-minute orientation to the Libraries' resources, services and collections. The aim is to provide a brief but informative session where students are encouraged to ask questions about how to use and find library materials to support their research.


How big is this program?

The Libraries teach approximately 170 international students in 10 orientation sessions per year. These statistics may vary.


What are the goals?

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Recognize that there are different types of research tools, such as the Libraries' catalog, periodical databases, and the Internet.
    [ACRL Standard 1]
  2. Identify the different ways to get help from library staff.
    [ACRL Standard 2]
  3. Develop an awareness for the importance of citing works to avoid plagiarizing.
    [ACRL Standard 5]

ACRL Standards, Performance Indicators, and Outcomes


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