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Monday, November 24, 2014
McKeldin Open 24 hours. Ending Friday at 8pm


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First Year Programs

Academic Achievement Program (AAP)

The Libraries support AAP's Intensive Educational Development program each summer through a series of library instruction workshops, which are designed to teach critical thinking skills, online search techniques, and introduce library resources to students.

EDCP 108: College and Career Advancement

The Libraries support all sections of EDCP. Teaching & Learning Services in McKeldin Library provides library instruction primarily for EDCP 108G (for transfer students) and EDCP 108R (for returning students).

ENGL 101: Academic Writing (Library Day)

Library Day introduces first-year students to research resources and search skills so that they may effectively find credible information for their ENGL 101 papers through an innovative, design thinking-based pedagogical approach.

GEMS 100: Introduction to Gemstone

During weeks 5-7 of the fall semester, Gemstone students come to McKeldin Library for a 50-minute session with a librarian. 

UNIV 100: The Student in the University (Library Safari)

The Library Safari program introduces students to resources and services offered by the University Libraries, and helps freshmen become familiar with a large and complex academic library system through a fun, interactive mobile experience using iPads and various online tools such as Tumblr.

ENGL 390-395: Professional Writing Program

This program partners librarians with PWP faculty to customize research sessions for students. The library instructor will work with the course instructor in advance to learn the purpose and parameters of the assignment, and obtain a list of topics students have selected. Students will be encouraged to use the majority of class time to research their topics and receive one-on-one expert research guidance from the librarian.

International Student Orientations

In partnership with the Office of International Education Services, the Libraries offer students a 30- or 60-minute orientation to the Libraries' resources, services, and collections. The aim is to provide a brief but informative session where students are encouraged to ask questions about how to use and find library materials to support their research.