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ENGL 390-395: Professional Writing Program (PWP)

What is the Professional Writing Program?

These are the courses that form the Professional Writing Program (see individual course descriptions):

  • ENGL 390: Science Writing
  • ENGL 391: Advanced Composition
  • ENGL 392: Legal Writing
  • ENGL 393: Technical Writing
  • ENGL 394: Business writing
  • ENGL 395: Writing for the Health Professions
  • ENGL 398: Special Topic in Professional Writing

The Professional Writing Program focuses on fostering growth in rhetorical and language skills, recognizing that students should become more aware of the ethos they project, and more adept at defining and analyzing audiences that they may be addressing. In addition, each PWP course entails a significant research component to prepare students for success in the "real world" by imparting the skills they need to create as well as present arguments effectively. Most juniors or seniors are required to take one of the seven courses that make up the Professional Writing Program because it is part of the CORE Fundamental Studies. [3 credit course. Offered every fall, spring & summer semester]


How does the library support PWP?

This program partners librarians with PWP faculty to customize research session(s) for students. The library instructor will work with the course instructor in advance to learn the purpose and parameters of the assignment and obtain a list of topics students have selected. The librarian will demonstrate relevant research strategies and suggest appropriate resources. Formal lecture and demonstration will be kept to a minimum in order to maximize active 'hands-on' learning. Students will be encouraged to use the majority of class time to research their topics and receive one-on-one expert research guidance from the librarian.


How big is this program?

The Libraries teach approximately 2,500 juniors and seniors in 120 classes per year. These statistics may vary.


What are the goals of this library session?

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Develop a research question suitable for a Professional Writing project. [ACRL Standard 1]
  2. Generate concepts, keywords and subject perspectives on their research question.
    [ACRL Standard 2]
  3. Identify at least two relevant resources using the Libraries catalog, general and subject-specific databases, and information from authoritative and credible non-library resources.
    [ACRL Standards 2 and 3]

ACRL Standards, Performance Indicators, and Outcomes


How do we assess student learning?

At present, this program is not being assessed on a programmatic level. Librarians may choose to design and institute an assessment form for the sections they teach to gauge student learning.


Are you a PWP instructor wanting to request a library research class?

Use this request form. Submission deadlines apply.


Need more information about this library program?

Contact Teaching & Learning Services.