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Friday, May 29, 2015
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Library Day Testimonials

What former Special Lecturers had to say:

"Participating in the Library Day program has been an invaluable way not only to hone my teaching skills, but to develop a much deeper understanding of the complexities of information literacy instruction. To intervene quickly and effectively in the course of a single session is a unique challenge, and the opportunity to work with such a diverse cross section of students, and to know that they will be more discerning researchers as a result, is its own reward." Stacy Kitsis, 2009-2010 and 2010-2011

"It's not easy to work and go to school at the same time, but being a Special Lecturer for User Education Services is a good move for anyone who is looking to combine work and school. The job is flexible, and the experience may give you an edge when it comes time to look for a full time job." Roshin Mathew, 2008-2009

"The Special Lecturer position allowed the opportunity to truly learn about instruction in an academic library. This is an amazing professional development opportunity for any student looking to learn about library instruction." April Duncan, 2007-2008

What ENGL 101 students had to say:

"[I learned about] the different research sites that are available to us, as well as tips to make research easier."

" I found [Library Day] really useful because I learned how to do database searches. I have had to do research for other classes and haven't really known how to use them until now."

"I learned a lot about the research process and the available tools at our disposal. I'm sure that all of the databases and the books in the library will provide invaluable resources to our current project as well as any further research we might pursue."