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UNIV 100: The Student in the University

What is UNIV 100 - The Student in the University?

UNIV 100 is a seminar designed by the University's New Student Orientation Program. UNIV 100 helps freshmen answer the questions "Why am I here?" and "How can I get the most out of the University of Maryland?" The goal of the seminar is to connect students to the campus resources they need to excel, while making sure their transition to college is as smooth as possible. [1 credit. Offered every fall semester].


How does the library support UNIV 100?

The Library Safari Program introduces students to resources and services offered by the University Libraries. It helps freshmen become familiar with a large and complex academic library system. Library Safari is scheduled during a regular UNIV 100 class period. The class begins with a brief overview of the Libraries' home page. Then, students are divided into small teams and given a set of exercises to complete. The exercises invite students to physically explore McKeldin Library (the main campus library) in order to learn how the library is organized and how to locate materials.


How big is this program?

The Libraries teach approximately 550 freshman in 30 classes per year. These statistics may vary.


What are the goals of this library session?

At the end of the workshop students will be able to ...

  1. Identify the different ways to get help from librarians. [ACRL Standard 2 (1a, 1d)]
  2. Select appropriate library resources for their information need (i.e., knowing when to use WorldCat UMD versus a database).
    [ACRL Standard 1 (1c, 2c, 2e)]
  3. Interpret how to read a Library of Congress Call Number in order to locate research materials.
    [ACRL Standard 2 (3b)]

ACRL Standards, Performance Indicators, and Outcomes


How do we assess student learning?

At the end of each session students fill out an assessment form. University of Maryland Library staff may view assessment results in Libi.


Are you a UNIV 100 instructor?

Use this form to submit your request. Submission deadlines apply.


Need more information?

Contact Teaching & Learning Services.