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UNIV 100: The Student in the University

What is UNIV 100 - The Student in the University?

UNIV 100 is a seminar designed by the University's New Student Orientation Program. UNIV 100 helps freshmen answer the questions "Why am I here?" and "How can I get the most out of the University of Maryland?" The goal of the seminar is to connect students to the campus resources they need to excel, while making sure their transition to college is as smooth as possible. [1 credit. Offered every fall semester].

How does the library support UNIV 100?

The Library Safari Program introduces students to resources and services offered by the University Libraries. It helps freshmen become familiar with a large and complex academic library system. Library Safari is scheduled during a regular UNIV 100 class period. This Fall we are implementing an iPad-based scavenger hunt that will allow teams two upload pictures, posts and questions to our Google+ page as they explore what the Libraries have to offer both in person and online!

Each iPad will be set up with a Google account for that team.  The instructor will share any necessary documents with each group beforehand.  This way, the instructor will have access to the answers each team provides for the various tasks.  Students will be able to upload images and provide text answers in Google+ to each of the scavenger hunt tasks. 

Google offers many benefits to being used for this kind of assignment.  First, the interconnectivity of all of its apps allow for synchronization.  Students only have to login to one account to be able to access all of the apps they might need (Drive, +).  Secondly, Google allows for sharing and collaboration across accounts.  The instructor will be able to share the Drive documents with each group, so that he/she will be able to grade them when the hunt is over.  Another benefit is Google’s chat option.  Students will be able to talk to the instructor to ask questions if they come across any issues/clarifications during their hunt.  This saves time, as they will not need to make their way all the way back to the classroom just to ask their question.

How big is this program?

The Libraries teach approximately 550 freshman in 30 classes per year.

What are the goals of this library session?

1.       Research assistance

         a.       Students will be able to use LibChat to get help

         b.      Students will be able to identify the subject liaison librarian for their major

         c.       Students will be able to use WorldCat UMD to find a book

2.       Navigation

         a.       Students will be able to find a book in the stacks

         b.      Students will be able to find a periodical

         c.       Students will be able to locate the popular reading section

         d.      Students will be able to locate the library classrooms on the 6th floor

3.       Technology

         a.       Students will know the location of printers

         b.      Students will know the location of the TLC tech desk and understand how to check out equipment

4.       Libraries' General Information

         a.       Students will be aware of the other campus libraries and understand the resources they offer

How do we assess student learning?

 Students will earn up to 10 points if they answer all of the questions correctly. A passing score is considered 7/10. Answers are scored by the librarian in real time utilizing a simple checklist that determines if the group answered the question correctly or not. The course instructor will be notified of each team's score and we will be able to provide links with additional information to ensure mastery of all the elements.

Would you like to schedule a UNIV 100 session?

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Need more information?

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