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Library Day: The Details

What is Library Day?

  • Library Day is an opportunity for students to become familiar with how to locate and evaluate information, at a large academic library, in the context of ENGL 101 assignments.
  • Library Day sessions take place during a regular ENGL 101 class period. They are taught in McKeldin Library computer instruction labs and scheduled at the request of ENGL 101 instructors.
  • Library Day is taught by librarians and a team of graduate student Teaching Assistants.
  • The sessions are designed to be active, hands-on learning experiences. Students use lab computers as Special Lecturers guide them in the exploration and use of library resources relevant to ENGL 101 assignments.
  • See testimonials about Library Day.

What will students do?

During a Library Day session, students will be guided through a variety of activities designed to help them:

  1. Formulate questions for research based on gaps in information or data available and shape them based on currency, scope and disciplinary focus 
  2. Articulate the purpose and distinguishing characteristics of various formats. Identify which formats best meet particular information needs 
  3. Determine what authoritative information means for a particular need. Identify markers of authority across resources 
  4. Analyze and reconcile varied and sometimes conflicting perspectives
  5. Construct a search based on variants of their search question -- from using basic (Boolean and truncation) to creating sophisticated search strategies 
  6. Effectively utilize the core functionality features of any research tool
  7. Identify and search in several different resources in order to find the best results 
  8. Reevaluate needs and next steps throughout the research process
  9. Communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences using a variety of formats 
  10. Advocate and practice responsible use of information as part of original creation or when incorporating the work of others

Requesting Library Day

ENGL 101 instructors, please use this request form.

Preparing for Library Day

The most effective and meaningful Library Day sessions are the ones where ENGL 101 instructors have prepared students by having them come to the session with concrete topics (or firm ideas) to research.

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